About Our Owners


Meet Jim & Vera Karnofski

They own and operate Biocharm Farms.


Jim is a retired RN, specializing in Critical and Emergency care in his 30 year career. Gardening, studying, lecturing and soil consultation fills his days. His wife, Vera, and his 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren is why he pursues soil fertility.

Jim grew up in the Highlands of Longview, Washington, where he was a student and athlete at St. Rose Catholic School, RA Long High School, and is now a member of his HS Hall of Fame. He attended LCC for a year, studied hard and played baseball then went on to UW studying Microbiology. New York City and Columbia University was his next stop where he studied Nursing. An MBA from City University was achieved while working as an RN and raising a young family.

Working presently as a citizen scientist, lecturer, and soil consultant, he concentrates on soil fertility, nutrition, and Brix Testing, using Biochar and Soil-Mineral Balancing as the scientific means to achieve good nutrition through sustainable fertility of the soil.

He is here to tell you about the simple solution to soil fertility and improved health.

“If the mineral is not in the soil, it cannot be in the plant…If it is not in the plant, it cannot be in you!” – Jim Karnofski after reading Michael Astera‘s The Ideal Soil

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