Welcome to Biocharm Farms

Biocharm Farm is a ½ acre demonstration garden located in the quaint town of Ilwaco, Washington. We are surrounded by 80 acres of forest and wetlands with trails stemming around our property. We are one mile from the Pacific Ocean.

Our mission is to educate individuals on how building the most fertile organic soil can drastically increase the nutrient density of food.

By using biochar, composting methods, and soil-mineral balancing techniques, we have gained the sudden and stunning ability to grow in high quality and plentiful produce in our garden. As well, we use Brix Meter Nutrient Testing to ensure that we are yielding high nutrient densities in our crops.

We live off our produce, donate it to food banks, trade it with our neighbors, and sell to local markets and restaurants.

If you’d interested in purchasing our produce or getting involved with our farm, contact Jim at karnask@hotmail.com

“My bottom line:  when a soil is very far away from offering plants an abundance and balanced supply of minerals, if key plant nutrients are nearly missing or way out of proportion, then the food it produces cannot be nutrient-dense.” – Steve Solomon from his book The Intelligent Gardner

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